vaping health


It looks like every time you turn your mind, yet another study about e-cigarette and vaporizing health hits the news. One study suggests that long-term contact with secondhand smoke is simply as dangerous as the quantity of tobacco a smoker puts into his / her mouth over their lifetime. Another says that the chemicals in e-cigarette liquid may cause cancer. There are multiple hundred thousand reported e-cigarette user cases, however the real problem lies with the hundreds of thousands of individuals who haven’t even realized they exist. Are e-cigarette users getting cancer, or are they in the same way likely to die from the same diseases that traditional smokers are? There is no solution to know without research, yet there are some indications that the dangers of e-cigs are higher than the risks associated with traditional cigarettes.

Among the issues with e-juice is that it is made of mostly herbal ingredients. Many of the chemicals found in cigarettes aren’t found in vaporized e-juice, therefore the makers of the devices are at risk so you can get sued for selling a potentially deadly product. And e-juices may also be difficult to use properly, meaning that they don’t always contain everything that the user wants. Because of this smokers who want to quit smoking will have to come up with their own methods to fill their lungs with nicotine, and that might not always be easy. Increase that the cost of an e-cigarette and the truth that it may not be as effective as it’s said to be.

But the real danger comes from just how that the cigarettes mimic regular cigarettes. By creating a virtual smoke-free environment, smokers are fooling their bodies into thinking that they are smoking, when in reality they’re taking small doses of nicotine and vaporizing them into their blood stream. This means that any potential negative effects from nicotine overdose, especially in combination with other chemicals, aren’t present. But it also means that smokers are fooling themselves into thinking that they are not harming themselves.

There is also a difference between long-term nicotine use and long-term e-cigarette use. E-cigs contain much more nicotine than the tobacco products that we smoke, so there is absolutely no comparison. But because they’re not regulated by the FDA (as regular tobacco is), manufacturers are absolve to add any number of harmful ingredients to them, to allow them to fool buyers into thinking that they are smoking tobacco. Actually, some of these additives have been compared to the highly toxic paint-based product VOCs, which are known human carcinogens. So while we are fooled into thinking that we have been smoking something that we shouldn’t be, we are doing just that – we’re polluting our bodies with dangerous chemicals that cause a variety of problems as time passes.

But while we’re discussing all of this, lets not forget about the reason that people use e-cigs over regular cigarettes – because they’re safer. The most significant problem cited so far is due to the fact that these cigarettes can’t be smoked, therefore the risk for cancer and other diseases is much higher when using them compared to using a cigarette. But in comparison to regular cigarettes, they’re safer. For anyone who is suffering from cancer or other lung diseases, that’s just very good news.

But having said that, there is no reason to stop using e-cigs completely. You nevertheless still need to make sure you are using only all natural and water-based juice in your individual vaporizer. Only then will you be able to reap all the benefits of vaping and cut off all of the smoking cigarettes. By cutting off the Novo 2 bad chemicals, it is possible to feel better and live longer, while reducing your cancer risk. So yes, by all means, you should incorporate this healthier alternative into your daily life and feel much better.

Are you aware that second major reason why you need to stop using electric cigarettes and cut down on your smoking, well, that certain is pretty sad really. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death around the globe and is in charge of about two million deaths every year. It’s no wonder that the number of people who are identified as having it has been steadily rising. Now, by eliminating the amount of cigarettes you smoke each day, you can help lower your risk of heart disease. And when you take the long-term view and quit smoking cold turkey, it is possible to live longer than your parents did!

So while there are lots of vaporizer devices available to buy, you really do have to make sure that you are receiving one from a reliable company. There are a great number of fly-by-night e-juice companies who sell low-quality products that wont work as well because the expensive top-of-the-line brands. By looking for a reliable and well-known company, you can invest in the best e-juice products possible and cut down on your overall health risks. That way, you can continue enjoying tasty juices without having to worry about your lungs, your heart and your health!